About me

Talking about yourself on a website dedicated to yourself is always something of an awkward narcissist affair. Can’t call yourself awesome or you’re surely an terribly annoying person to be around. While that may be the truth, and would explain a great many things, you don’t want to scare people off. Talk too modestly about yourself and one starts to wonder why the website is there in the first place. I wouldn’t know a healthy mix between the two if it hit me in the face, and I prefer that it wouldn’t, so I’ll just limit myself to some facts:

I’m Steven van de Graaf and I’m a 28 years old programmer (or whatever posh name the job holds) from The Netherlands. This website’s just here to showcase some of the things I do, professionally as well as in my private time.

I like to create many things, not just code, and I hope this website, with time, will reflect that.

Oh look. I filled this page up. Good!

Link 26 August 2014 22:32